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      metal surface treatment technology -ElectrophoresisZinc plating

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      Product Introduction:Electrophoresis process
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      Electroplating / Electrophoresis / Zinc plating / Blackening / Metal surface coloring / Shot blasting / Blasting / Shot blasting / Phosphating / Passivation
      Coated metal or other insoluble materials do anode,The workpiece to be plated cathode,Cation of the coating metal is reduced on the surface of the workpiece to be plated to form a coating.In order to eliminate the interference of other cations,
      And make the coating uniform, solid,Need to be coated with a solution of metal cations to do the plating solution,In order to keep the concentration of the coating metal cations unchanged.The purpose of plating in the substrate coated with a metal coating,Change the nature or size of the substrate surface.Electroplating can enhance the corrosion resistance of metal (metal plating used more corrosion-resistant metal), increase hardness, prevent wear, improve conductivity, lubricity, heat resistance, and surface appearance.

      Electrophoresis is the electrophoretic coating in the yin and yang poles,Applied to the voltage,The charged paint ions move to the cathode,And with the cathode surface generated by the alkaline action to form insoluble matter,Deposition in the workpiece surface.

      Electrophoretic surface treatment process features:
      Electrophoretic coating with a coating full, uniform, smooth, smooth,Electrophoresis paint film hardness, adhesion, decay resistance, impact properties,Permeability is significantly better than other coating process.

      The difference between electroplating and electrophoresis
      Electroplating is the use of electrolytic principle in some metal surface coated with a thin layer of other metal or alloy process.

      Electrophoresis: A phenomenon in which charged particles (ions) in a solution move in an electric field.A phenomenon in which a charged particle (ion) in a solution moves in an electric field.The use of charged particles in the electric field in different speeds to achieve separation technology known as electrophoresis.
      Electrophoresis, also known as - electricity (with), swimming paint, electrodeposition.
      Galvanized refers to the metal, alloy or other materials in the surface layer of zinc plated from the beautiful,Rust and other surface treatment technology.Now the main method is hot dip galvanizing.

      Steel surface of the black deal with,There are also known as the blue.The principle is the rapid oxidation of iron and steel products,To form a dense oxide film protective layer,Improve the rust resistance of steel parts.

      Nigrescence treatment is now commonly used methods are the traditional alkaline heating Nigrescence and appear at room temperature two Nigrescence.
      But the normal temperature blackening process for the effect of mild steel is not very good. A3 steel with alkaline nigrescence better.
      At high temperature (about 550 ℃) oxidation of ferrous tetroxide was sky blue,So that the blue treatment.The ferric oxide formed at a low temperature (about 3 50 ° C) is dark nigrescence,So that deal with black.In the manufacture of weapons,
      Commonly used is Blueing processing; NigrescenceIn industrial production,Common is nigrescence.
      The use of alkaline oxidation or acid oxidation;So that the metal surface to form a layer of oxide film,To prevent corrosion of the metal surface,This process is called "bluing".Black metal surface by "blue" after the formation of the oxide film,The outer layer is mainly iron oxide,The inner layer is ferrous oxide.
      Hair basket (Nigrescence) operation process:
      Workpiece clamping → degreasing → washing → pickling → washing → oxidation → washing → saponification → hot water wash → check.

      The so-called saponification,Is the use of soap and water solution at a certain temperature soaking the workpiece.The purpose is to form a layer of iron stearate film,To improve the corrosion resistance of the workpiece.Metal surface coloring
      Metal surface coloring,As the name suggests is to metal surface "coated" on the color,Changing its single, icy metallic luster,Replaced by colorful,To meet the different needs of different industries.
      To the metal coloring are generally increased after the anti-corrosion ability,And some also increased the anti-wear ability.But the surface color technology is also the main application of decorative areas,That is used to beautify life,Beautify society.
      Shot blasting
        Ball blast principle is to use the motor to drive the impeller body rotation (driven directly or with a V-belt drive)By the role of centrifugal force,The ball blast (with cast steel balls, steel wire cut pill, stainless steel balls and other different types) with a diameter of about 0.2 to 3.0 is thrown to the surface of the workpiece,So that the workpiece surface to a certain degree of roughness,So that the workpiece becomes beautiful,Or change the welding tensile stress of the workpiece for the compressive stress,Improve the service life of the workpiece.By increasing the surface roughness of the workpiece,But also to improve the follow-up painting of the paint film adhesion.

      Sand blasting
      Sandblasting is the use of compressed air as power,To form a high-speed jet beam will be sprayed (copper ore, quartz sand, carborundum, Iron sand, Hainan sand) need to be sprayed to the surface of the workpiece,So that the outer surface of the surface of the workpiece surface or shape changes,As the impact of abrasive on the workpiece surface and cutting effect,So that the surface of the workpiece to obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness,So that the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface is improved,Thereby improving the fatigue resistance of the workpiece,Increase the adhesion between it and the coating,Extend the durability of the coating,But also conducive to the flow of paint and decoration.

      Sandblasting process and other cleaning processes (such as pickling, tool cleaning) compared to the following characteristics:

      First, the sandblasting treatment is the most thorough, most common, the most rapid and most efficient cleaning methods.
      Second, sandblasting can be arbitrarily chosen between different roughness,The other process is no way to achieve this.Hand polish can play the hair surface but the speed is too slow,Chemical solvent cleaning is too smooth to clean the surface is not conducive to coating adhesion.
      Shot peening Features:
      1, clean up the flexibility.
      Easy to clean the internal and external surface of the complex workpiece and the pipe wall;And not subject to site constraints,It can be moved to the vicinity of oversize workpieces for cleaning.

      2, the device structure is simple, the whole investment less, less wearing parts, low maintenance costs.
      3, the consumption of energy, must be equipped with high-power air compressor station
      4, clean up the surface easy to have moisture, easy to rust.
      5, cleaning efficiency is low, the operator more labor-intensive.

      Dongguan Kangding precision metal processing using advanced equipment,Product quality assurance, fast delivery, reasonable prices, industry-leading,By foreign customers trust and love. .
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      Electrophoresis processing
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