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      Equipment and Fixtures for Machining Shaft Parts

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      CNC lathe can automatically complete the cutting of inner and outer cylindrical surface, conical surface, arc surface and other working procedures for rotating parts such as shafts or discs, and can also carry out grooving, drilling, expanding and so on. According to the technological requirements of the parts, the economical NC lathe can be selected, and the semi-closed-loop servo system of stepping motor is generally adopted. This kind of lathe has simple mechanism and relatively low price. This kind of lathe has three-claw self-centering chuck, common tailstock or numerical control hydraulic tailstock, which is suitable for turning long shaft parts. Horizontal CNC lathe is selected according to the requirement of spindle configuration. CNC lathe has high processing accuracy, can do linear and arc interpolation, CNC lathe rigidity is good, manufacturing and knife alignment accuracy is high, can easily and accurately carry out manual compensation and automatic compensation, can process parts with high dimensional accuracy requirements. It can process the revolving body whose outline shape is very complex and its size is difficult to control, and it can turn conical and inner and outer cylindrical threads more conveniently. It can maintain the processing accuracy and improve the production efficiency. So it is very advantageous for processing.

      According to the structure, specifications, precision, etc. of multi-purpose shaft parts. Choosing a turning center will result in a certain waste of functions, so the economical CNC lathe is chosen, so the SSCK20/500 CNC lathe is chosen.

      CNC lathe machining shaft or disc parts

      Specification of machine tools
      SSCK20/500 CNC lathe is equipped with FANUC-OTE CNC system. Specification size (see machine tool parameters for details) is suitable for the processing needs of multi-purpose shaft parts, and has simple structure, stable performance and reliability to meet the processing needs of the workpiece.

      Machine Tool Accuracy
      The common metals except quenched steel with processing accuracy of IT7-IT8 and Ra 0.8-Ra 1.6 um can be machined by two steps of rough turning and finishing turning.

      Processing accuracy is IT5-IT6, Ra0.2-Ra 0.63 micron common metals except quenched steel. Precision CNC lathe can be used to process the metals according to the scheme of rough turning, semi-finish turning, fine turning and fine turning.

      For common metals other than quenched steel whose processing accuracy is higher than IT5 and Ra < 0.08 um, precision CNC lathe can be used to process them according to the scheme of roughing semi-finishing finishing precision turning.

      For hard-to-turn materials such as quenched steel, rough turning semi-finish turning can be used before quenching, and grinding can be arranged after quenching.

      Therefore, the accuracy of SSCK20/500 NC lathe can meet the precision requirement of multi-purpose axle according to the requirement of part drawing.

       Main Technical Parameters of SSCK20/500 NC Lathe
      Maximum turning diameter of fuselage Ф400mm
      Chuck diameter Ф200mm
      Maximum Cutting Diameter Ф200mm
      Maximum cutting length 500mm
      Spindle speed range 24r/min~2400r/mm(Continuous stepless)
      Spindle diameter Ф55mm
      Maximum Longitudinal Travel of Saddle  550mm
      Maximum lateral stroke of skateboard  200mm
      Fast moving speed X axis 6m/min;Z axis 12m/min
      Work Number of Tool Holder   6Station
      Tool Specification turning tool 20mm×20mm
      Tool hole diameter Ф32mm
      Tool selection method Clockwise direction
      Minimum Input Equivalent X Axis (diameter)  0.001mm;Z Axis 0.001mm
      Tailstock sleeve diameter Ф70mm
      Maximum stroke of tailstock sleeve 60mm
      Apical cone hole
      Morse No. 4
      Main motor power Continuous load 11kw
      Power of Feed Servomotor X Axis AC0.6kw;Z Axis AC0.6kw
      Motor Power of Hydraulic Station  1.1kw
      Cutting fluid motor power 0.0125kw
      Machine Tool Size (L, W, H) 2600mm×12400mm×1715mm
      Net Quality of Machine Tools  2300kg

      2. Determine the fixture scheme for locating the workpiece

      2.1.1 Determine clamping scheme

      The basic principle of positioning and installation of workpiece on NC lathe is the same as that of common machine tool. In order to give full play to the working characteristics of CNC machine tools, the following factors should be considered when clamping workpieces:

      (1) Use universal fixture as far as possible, and design and manufacture special fixture only when necessary;
      (2) Structural design should meet the accuracy requirements;
      (3) Easy to locate and clamp;
      (4) Easy-to-cut cleaning;
      (5) The resistance to cutting force is determined by sufficient stiffness;

      Using three-jaw self-centering chuck to clamp the blank outer circle of the part, the appropriate length of the part should be determined (the limited distance of the machine tool should be taken into account). Parts need to be machined at both ends, so it is necessary to consider the location of two clamping, considering that the left side of the 54mm x 15mm step can be used for clamping. Therefore, the right end is processed first, and then the thread head of M22 Ph3P1.5 is clamped with the turning head. The step of 54 mm x 15 mm, the inner hole of 22 and the inner arc of R25 are processed.

      2.5.2 positioning datum
      The positioning and datum of the workpiece should be consistent with the design datum, and overpositioning should be prevented. It is better to choose "one side, two pins" as the positioning datum for the workpiece with the box. Positioning datum should be carefully corrected on CNC machine tools.

      Because the workpiece is a solid axis, the end of the bore a 30-cone hole, because the length of the shaft is not very long, so the right end of the workpiece and the 48 outer circle as the positioning benchmark. Use ordinary three-jaw chuck to clamp workpiece. Take the center of the right end face of the workpiece as the origin of the workpiece coordinates, and set the knife point at (100.100).

      Since all the surfaces of this part need to be machined, the outer circle and the end face should be selected as rough datum, and then processed by the principle of "mutual datum". Follow the principle of "benchmark coincidence". When processing the right end, the left end of the blank outer circle surface is selected, and the right side of the outer circle surface is selected when processing the left end, so as to show that the positioning datum is the center line of the axis.
      Machining shaft part fixture

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